Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The CBS forgery plot thickens

(Via FR) Nashville radio talk show may give us a clue about who had prior knowledge of the forged documents:
The next question regarding the 60 Minutes fraud is: who gave the CBS show the bogus documents? Veteran Nashville broadcaster, Teddy Bart on his daily radio show, “Teddy Bart’s Roundtable” may have given us a clue about who knew about the documents nearly a month ago. It appears that Bob Tuke, who was a guest on the show on August 11th knew that something was about to happen with regard to President Bush’s alleged failure to show up for a physical examination.

Teddy referenced the episode yesterday (September 9th) when 42:13 seconds into the show he said, “Listeners to the Roundtable will note that something was going to come because Bob Tuke, who is a Nashville attorney and significant in the Kerry campaign in Tennessee, told us about three weeks ago that um there was going to be some document, or implied that there will be a document about Bush’s missing time in the Alabama National Guard, in the National Guard, and that somebody was going to come forward with a document. So it did happen, and uh 60 Minutes had it.”
More by following the link, but here's ole Bob Tuke:
“We may also know why Bush failed to show up for his medical exam that caused him to lose his flight status.” When pressed on his comment he said that, “The physical exam was scheduled for a couple of weeks after the Air Force changed its policy and decided to put drug testing into physical exams so now the speculation is out there about why would a person who has been serving for--supposedly serving for--three to four years in the Air National Guard as a pilot fail to show up for a physical so that he could maintain his flight certification status? Why?”

Teddy pressed him on the issue and Tuke wouldn’t get more specific, but the astute journalist Teddy concluded the first hour of the show by saying that “My sense of it is just, just, just flitting around the edges of Mr. Tuke’s comment, somebody’s going to come forward soon and say something about that physical examination.”
Maybe Tuke has an Ouija board?