Tuesday, September 14, 2004

"Buddy, can you spare a tin foil beanie?"

Because ole Keith Olberman needs one:
Olbermann Lays Out Right-Wing Conspiracy Behind Faked Memos

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann sees a grand conspiracy in "how the documents came to be so quickly and thoroughly refuted on a right-wing Web site not two hours after they were first revealed on CBS." Picking up on how a FreeRepublic.com poster, "Buckhead," had first suggested a 1970s typewriter could not have produced the memo showcased by 60 Minutes, on Monday's Countdown Olbermann ran through the blogger's resume and concluded, ever so ominously: "So the Killian documents come out and are almost immediately questioned by a lawyer with Republican ties and are distributed to other news organizations without comment by the White House and they suddenly have one of their principal endorsers retract his endorsement. How many rats do you smell?"
Besides Keith and Dan Rather? I guess you have to be a Democrat to criticize blatant forgeries. Or create good forgeries, for that matter:
Turning to Craig Crawford of Congressional Quarterly and CBS News, Olbermann suggested that if Bush opponents had created the memos they would have done a better job of forgery: "Wouldn't somebody faking this to try to hurt Mr. Bush have to think about, at least, the, you know, the type faces that would identify this as a 2004 document as opposed to a 1992 document, or 1972 document, and more importantly, the out-of-date references to the retired colonel? Who would, who, sophisticatedly would leave that stuff in this?"
But not to worry, the rocket scientist finished strong:
"Am I out on my own on this, though, Craig? Are you going to join me out here in science fiction land?"
Make sure there is a double layer of tin foil in that beanie.

If Keith didn't have need of a beanie, he would realize the real question is how could Dan Rather have been so blinded by his bias that he got conned by such an inept forger? Maybe when Dan tells us the source of the documents, we'll have the answer.

C'mon Captain Dan, 'fess up!