Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ain't we got fun!

Tappity tappity goes Captain Dan the Newsman

You keep your nose to the grindstone and they start a party without you! Drudge links Powerline (try the Command Post due to overload), Charles is firing up MS Word, and INDC is consulting document experts. Ryne McLaren has a roundup of the bloggers and Cybercast News Service has a roundup of the story, which is that it looks like somone ginned up the documents for Dan Rather's "big scoop" on Microsoft Word. Naughty Captain Dan! Or as a FR poster puts it - "What's the font spacing, Kenneth?"

UPDATE: Ace has a recap with this gem:
In his legendary book on the 1972 presidential campaign The Boys on the Bus, author Timothy Crouse relayed how many of Rather's rivals on the White House beat resented him for his gung-ho approach to the facts.

"Rather often adhered to the 'informed sources' or 'the White House announced today' formulas, but he was famous in the trade for the times when he bypassed these formulas and 'winged it' on a story. Rather would go with an item even if he didn't have it completely nailed down with verifiable facts. If a rumor sounded solid to him, if he believed it in his gut or had gotten it from a man who struck him as honest, he would let it rip."
How's the gut, Captain Dan?

UPDATE: Allah observes they didn't do too good a job on the signatures either. A FR poster provides a comparison:

UPDATE: John Hawkins finds another memo that CBS missed and ScrappleFace finds an email!

UPDATE: The Commissar discovers a new memo proving Kerry was in Cambodia!