Saturday, August 14, 2004

Zut alors!

(Snap from Sacred Cow Burgers. Click to supersize.)

Get out yer Kumbaya party hats as the LA Times provides French Town Quietly Cheers On a Son: Kerry:
ST.-BRIAC-SUR-MER, France — Imagine the scene here a year from now if this genteel village enters U.S. history.

On Aug. 15, 2005, President John F. Kerry returns with great fanfare to St.-Briac-sur-Mer, where his parents met and where he spent childhood vacations in a Breton coastal landscape immortalized by Renoir.

Escorted by his cousin, Mayor Brice Lalonde — a former candidate for the French presidency — Kerry leads the celebration of the 61st anniversary of the Allied liberation of the village from the Nazis.

Speaking fluent French, Kerry greets crowds filling narrow lanes and a town plaza festooned with flags of both nations. Kerry announces that he has chosen this community of 2,000, a cherished refuge of his globe-trotting family since 1923, to symbolize the rapprochement of the United States and France — indeed, Europe — after years of transatlantic tension.
Er, why? So we can snuggle up with the disgusting crap weasel French politicians that feed off the victims of oppression around the world from Darfur to Iraq and beyond?

But not to worry, the serfs are thrilled!
"I was so very, very happy when he succeeded in becoming the candidate," said Christiane Menard, whose parents worked for the Democratic senator's maternal family in its bluff-top mansion with a spectacular view of rocky beaches. "Johnny was a great kid. He has a lot of determination."
Yeah, to weasel his way to the top.

There's some predictable whining about French-bashing and some gag-inducing history of Kerry's noble family in the area, but I liked the part about his cousin the best:
On the other hand, some locals grumble that they're pretty much fed up with television cameras prowling around town. Voyer also complains that the Kerry splash has further distracted Lalonde from the people's business. The mayor lives in Paris and spends one or two days a week at City Hall.

Lalonde, a self-described free-market environmentalist, served as environment minister in the 1980s and won 4% of the vote as the presidential candidate of an environmental party, Ecology Generation. Lalonde attended the Democratic National Convention in Boston last month, then jetted off to China, Voyer and others said.

Lalonde was away on vacation and unavailable for interviews last week, City Hall officials said.
Kind of like Kerry's Senate career. Must run in the family.