Monday, August 09, 2004

Here it comes, boys and girls!

A poster at FR noticed that Amazon's listing of the upcoming book Unfit for Command has the "Editorial Review" section headed by John McCain's whine about the Swift Boat Veterans in the television ad not actually serving on the same boat. Amazon wants to hear about "typos" in the their book section at I guess they will.

Meanwhile Drudge is featuring a mishap over at Barnes and Noble. Somehow the picture for their listing of "Unfit for Command" got modified to read "Fit for Command" among other changes. They claim hackers. Sure, I believe them. I regularly hack their site to put my picture on book jackets. When is the culprit going to be fired, weasels?

Meanwhile, on ABC's Nightline tonight, they're going to have Jake Tapper reporting on the Swift Boat Veterans. In case you don't remember ole Jake, he's now at ABC "News" after a distinguished career as Salon's designated Bill Clinton buttboy. He also penned a screed called "Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency, (Little, Brown) a look at the Florida recount". Gee I wonder how that turned out? Probably about like the Nightline report.