Sunday, August 08, 2004

Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Say no more!

The most amazing part of this year's presidential campaign is that the raving leftoid and terminally humorless professional Democrats, having suitably nominated a candidate who has spent his political life doing his darndest to hobble the military and the intelligence agencies, are running on the basis that Lurch's dubious Vietnam war "heroism" means that he'll be a veritable Rambo in dealing with terrorists.

Can you imagine what the moonbats would be saying about a Republican candidate who burned down peaceful villages, executed wounded enemy soldiers, bought a movie camera to re-enact his "exploits," and phonied up a batch of medals? But the moonbats don't seem to mind about that or a host of their other traditional issues on which Kerry seems to be denying his and their political heritage. Hmmm, I wonder why that is?

Jay Bryant - Flip-Flops and Clip-Clops:
A true flip-flopper is inevitably a moderate, but John Kerry is no moderate. You can't be a moderate and also have a lifetime ADA rating in the 90's. ''Higher than Ted Kennedy,'' Republicans are fond of saying. Yes, and higher than any of his rated primary opponents, even Dennis Kucinich and Carole Moseley-Braun. Higher than Al Gore, Walter Mondale, George McGovern, or anyone else the Democrats have ever dared to send before the American people.

Higher than any of his colleagues in the present U.S. Senate. Say it slowly and let the full impact wash over you: John-Kerry-is-the-most-liberal-Senator.

Now, it would be one thing if he wore that label proudly, but he doesn't, because he knows he has to trick people into voting for him by denying his creed.
As long as his constituency was only Massachusetts, Kerry didn't have to fudge his liberalism much--hence the 92% ADA rating. But winning the presidency is a different story, so the rating dips a bit (to 85% in 2002, the latest available on the ADA website) when he bothers to show up at all, and bizarre sentiments on issues like abortion and gay marriage trickle from his lips.

This week, Missouri, a key presidential battleground state, voted 70% to ban gay marriage. You think Kerry cheered this affirmation of his stated position on the issue? Me neither. But he probably cheered his campaign decision to cover-up his real attitude on the subject.

See, it's not a flip-flop, it's a clip-clop--a Trojan Horse. Spread the word, Cassandra. Maybe they'll listen this time.
Of course, not all the lefties have been tipped the wink. Take Alexander Cockburn:
From where I was sitting, John Kerry's performance at last week's Democratic Convention was the most powerful argument yet offered for voting for Ralph Nader. And the fact that Michael Moore dropped to his knees over the weekend in the company of Bill Maher begging Nader to withdraw only fuels my certainty. Across this year Moore has swiveled from Wesley Clark to Kerry, denied to Jay Leno that he supports the Democrats and fibbed about his advice to Nader in 2000, so who wants to be in the same corner as him, assuming he stayed in one corner long enough for anyone to identify it? Here's John Kerry, offering himself as a man of war, as a former prosecutor, as a candidate who hasn't got one single substantive, useful idea about turning the U.S. economy around and improving the overall state of the world. The only difference from Bush he can identify is that he went to Vietnam, killed Vietnamese and collected a bunch of medals, which some of his Navy colleagues who fought there at the same time say he didn't deserve.

So when it comes to war-fighting in the service of Empire, he's far more bloodthirsty. Come next January, the Anyone behind the desk in the Oval Office may be a bit taller. There'll be those medals on the bookshelf he prudently didn't throw away. Most everything else will stay the same. Kerry's been pretty clear about that, letting his core constituencies know that as President Anyone he's not going to cut them any favors.
Puhleeze! Someone give Al a nudge!
War in Iraq? A majority of the country wants out, certainly most Democrats. Kerry wants in, even more than Bush. When the DNC told Kucinich to stuff his peace plank, Kucinich tugged his forelock and told his followers to shuffle back in under the Big Tent and help elect a man who pledges to fight the war in Iraq better and longer than Bush. Feminist leaders kept their mouths shut when Kerry flew his kite about nominating anti-choice judges. Gay leaders didn't open their lips to utter so much as a squeak when Kerry declared his opposition to same-sex marriages and to civil unions. Did we hear from Norman Lear and People for the American Way as Kerry, the man who voted for the Patriot Act, revived his Tipper Gore-ish posturing about the evils of popular culture? Of course we didn't, even though Kerry voted for the unconstitutional Communications Decency, a piece of legislation that even the prudish Joe Lieberman couldn't stomach.

Kerry told James Hoffa of the Teamsters this spring that he wouldn't touch the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge but would "drill everywhere else like never before." There wasn't a bleat from the big environmental groups. He pledged the same policy again to the American Gas Association a couple of months later, throwing in the prospect of a new trans-Alaska-Canada pipeline for natural gas from the Arctic. Once again the big environmental groups held their tongues.
C'mon Al, get with the program and don't be such a party pooper! The candidate doesn't actually have to do anything he says he will. This is especially true for Lurch since it's so hard to figure out what he did say. Besides, If Lurch wins, you won't get to help pick the Kerry dream Cabinet.