Thursday, August 12, 2004

Fun with the Sensitive One

Kerry calls for restoring America's image abroad:
"We have terrorists who want to destroy us," he said. "I understand how to fight. I defended this country as a young man, and I intend to do so as president.
Aside from the fact that most of his "wounds" were self-inflicted and his "fighting" was done with his mouth, didn't he forget the all the fun stuff he did when he got back? Which is it, Lurch? Are you a "war hero" or an "antiwar hero?"
"I know the way to fight a smart war on terror," said Kerry. "You have the best intelligence in the world by creating cooperation, understand cultures, have people on the ground, have people working with you."
I guess he wants them to hold "encounter sessions." Of course, that's about all they could do after Lurch got through cutting the intelligence budget.
Creating cooperation, he said, means "listening to other people and other people's problems, it's having a trading policy that is's not walking away from the global warming treaty some worked on 10 years, it's paying your dues to the United nations.
Aside from the fact the Lurch was on the winning side of the Senate's 95-0 vote against the Kyoto Treaty in 1997, can anyone over the age of 12 really think this limp-wristed Kumbaya stuff is going to work on rabid Islamofascist wingnuts? Here's a test - it if wouldn't have worked on Hitler, it isn't going to work on Osama. Aw, forget it - Lurch probably thinks it would have worked on Hitler if Chamberlain and Roosevelt had been more "sensitive" to little Adolf and had listened to his problems.

As a refreshing counterpoint:
“America has been in too many wars for any of our wishes, but not a one of them was won by being sensitive.” — Dick Cheney
(Via On the Third Hand)