Saturday, August 14, 2004

I guess being gay means never having to say you're a crook

The NY Daily News opines Hit the road, McGreevey:
New Jersey Republican leaders yesterday called for Gov. Jim McGreevey to step down immediately rather than wait for Nov. 15, as he plans. This more-than-reasonable request was quickly denounced by the gov's spokeswoman, who sniffed: "It is unfortunate that they are playing politics with an intensely personal decision." Come again? That's exactly what McGreevey is doing.

Do not be taken in by that heart-rending performance in this week's reality-TV special ("Straight Lie for the Queer Guy"?) in which he admitted to a life of public and private deception and proudly declared, "I am a gay American." It was all politics, people, a thoroughly scripted performance and a deflection, if only momentary, of attention from the scandals swirling around him.
Here's a test: what would the usual suspects say if it was a female paramour he had appointed to a noshow job as NJ Homeland Security Director? Oh wait, he's a Democrat. Never mind.