Friday, June 04, 2004

Hot Times at the SPECTRE Hoedown!

Number 1, Ernst Blofeld, was there in the flesh and he was foaming at the mouth:
The Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal was "a moment of truth" for the United States as severe as the September 11 terrorist attacks, billionaire financier George Soros told a gathering of liberal activists yesterday.
Yikes, how could I have missed it! Hmm, maybe Georgie is spending a bit too much time watching nekkid pictures?
"The picture of torture in Saddam's prison was a moment of truth for us," Mr. Soros said. "I think that those pictures hit us the same way as the terrorist attack itself. Not quite with the same force, because in the terrorist attack, we were the victims. In the pictures, we were the perpetrators and others were the victims."
George seems confused, but then we knew that. I wonder what he thought of real torture where anatomical portions are removed or mutilated, like Saddam and his kids used to enjoy. He probably called it "high impact yoga".

There was some fecal matter in the punch bowl though. He had been introduced by the junior Senator from New York who has to at least pay lip service to the concept of patriotism. Thus Soros' 9/11 Zing Chills Hill:
Last night, Clinton's spokesman said, "Sen. Clinton doesn't believe that 9/11 is comparable to anything else."

The chilly statement contrasted with Clinton's warm praise of Soros immediately before his speech, as she introduced him at a meeting of the Campaign for America's Future.

Calling him "fearless," she commended him for spending $15 million of his own money to defeat the president.
Her Heinous obviously meant "rich".