Wednesday, June 02, 2004

George Soros' Flying Monkeys Arrive

Ohio county provides microcosm of US race
On weekends, Republican volunteers have been hitting the streets, local foot soldiers in a statewide grassroots effort that the campaign says is the most extensive ever by the GOP in the Buckeye State.
Arrayed against the Republican volunteers are paid canvassers bearing hand-held computers who go door-to-door almost daily for America Coming Together, a controversial new political entity that the Republican Party tried unsuccessfully to have ruled illegal. Though ACT is technically independent, the organization to date has served as a proxy field organization for Senator John F. Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee. Known as a "527" -- the section of the tax code under which these advocacy groups exist -- ACT intends to spend $95 million, donated mostly by millionaire activists, to turn out anti-Bush voters in Ohio and 16 other swing states.

"It will be the most sophisticated voter mobilization effort in history by either party," said Sarah Leonard, a spokeswoman for ACT.

In the past few weeks, the Kerry campaign has deployed a dozen staff members in Ohio to begin its own organizational effort, but ACT opened for business in Ohio last September, about four months before a single caucus or primary vote was cast for the Democratic nomination.
I'm sure glad we had campaign finance reform, otherwise we wouldn't have all those "independent" 527's to help us make up our minds.