Sunday, June 13, 2004

Finally! It's naked protest season!

The naked wingnuts were out in force around the world yesterday - 'It's really fun to ride your bike naked,' protest leader says:
Nearly 200 bicyclists in various states of undress -- some of them wearing only paint or a helmet --flashed through Chicago's North Side on Saturday night to protest myriad issues including the war in Iraq.
Participants hooted and hollered as they rode through nearby streets, most on bikes but others riding scooters, skateboards and a rickshaw.

The ride was part of an international effort, with about 1,200 people expected to participate in 24 cities, 11 of them in the United States.

The event is an expansion of the eight-year-old annual Vancouver ride, which has attracted participants with any number of agendas, including war protesters, nudists and bicycle enthusiasts who jump at any chance to ride with a group, said Sasha Webb, spokeswoman for World Naked Bike Ride-Vancouver.

"It's to bring attention to oil dependency and to take an outright anti-war stance," she said. "It's to draw attention to the fact that the media wants to draw attention to naked people, but the fact that there's an illegal war going on is not important.

"Plus, it's really fun to ride your bike naked."
Don't fall on your kickstand, Sasha!

Anyhow, to answer the really important question, the best photo seems to be from Scotland, but in Seattle, these senior citizens were having way too much fun.