Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Where are the usual suspects?

It must be tough. There you are, rollicking merrily along loudly proclaiming that some doofs that the US military is all over for arranging nude pyramids are somehow equivalent to Saddam's boys who liked dropping folks in shredders. Then your pet monkeys leave a huge steaming deposit in the front hall. What to do?

Well, if you are really delusional, you can claim the CIA did it. But what's appropriate for the liberal paladins of the blogosphere? Here's an idea, you can ignore it. Don't step in anything icky, kids!

Which brings us to the US media who are being really shy about Berg's beheading. If everything is so equivalent, why doesn't the snuff video rate equal time with the nudies? It must be that it's Sweeps Month and nude sells better than violence. Or something. But you can't help but notice that they haven't got much of a track record on documenting Islamic nutjob barbarity. I hope no one is still waiting for some snaps of Saddam's victims or even the people who jumped out of the WTC to avoid burning to death. I wonder why that is?