Saturday, May 22, 2004

The only people who'll be surprised are in big media

Viewers see 'agenda' in war coverage
A Fox News poll released yesterday found 70 percent of those surveyed say that news reports about U.S. military operations in Iraq focus only on the negative, and "leave out the positive."

That figure is up 10 points since Fox posed the same question in October.
I'm sure that if the big media sticks even mention this, they'll downplay it as "a Fox News poll," but the anecdotes in the article correspond with my own informal "polling". I'm sure there are true believers somewhere, but most folks turn on the talking hairdos for momentary amusement, at best.

Which reminds me. Earlier this month, the Viking Pundit mentioned a review of a new book, Misunderestimated, by Bill Sammon. Among a variety of other things:
Mr. Sammon feels that there is a very real leftist plot in the press and among Democrats to get Mr. Bush. He documents this with quotes from the alleged perpetrators at press conferences. The quotes are damning. Some of the participants are very senior and respected White House and Pentagon correspondents. The reader suspects that Mr. Sammon's relations with some members of the White House press corps will be frosty at best now that this book has been published.
The behavior of the "newshawks" at press conferences is perpetually disgusting, so that's no real surprise either.