Friday, May 14, 2004

Fourth Estate or Fifth Column?

The Kids Deserved to be Killed?:
In perhaps the most distorted coverage of the brutal murder of a pregnant Israeli mother and her four young daughters, NPR’s Julie McCarthy blamed the victims for their own slaughter.
That's why the taxpayers fund NPR, I guess - to give us coverage we won't find anywhere else.

And on this morning's Today Show, perky Katie Couric was looking up her butt again - Couric to [Chris] Matthews: "It's a Question of Who is the Lesser of Two Evils" in Iraq [US or Al-Qaeda]"

And then there's our usual chums in big media - American's beheading old news for media elite:
The Washington Post, for example, ran two prison-abuse stories on the front page yesterday, plus three related stories elsewhere in the A-section. A single story on Mr. Berg was relegated to page A21.

The New York Times featured three prison-abuse stories on the front page, with a single story on Mr. Berg, which emphasized that "federal officials" failed to protect him. Three more prison-abuse stories ran elsewhere in the A-section.
That's a puzzlement, fer sure!