Sunday, April 04, 2004

Wingnut Marching Season Alert!

Over at Silent Running, "Tom Paine" drops by the local wingnut protest franchise:
Another Harmonic Idiocy Convergence occured in Melbourne today. Palm Sunday march against Bad Stuff, which apparently includes not allowing anyone at all from anywhere at all, including Outer Jihadistan, to just march right into Australia and start demanding immediate welfare benefits and the vote.
Same old tune, no matter where they sing it. Besides the obligatory giant paper mache puppets, Tom discovers that you can't go undercover while wearing a NY Yankees cap.

All this is swell, but it's spring in the northern hemisphere and fall in the southern - the weather must be right somewhere for naked protestors! So where the heck are they? Well, there was one in Japan - Japanese man stages naked sit-in:
YONABARU, Japan, April 3 (UPI) -- A man in Japan staged a naked sit-in at the Yonabaru mayor's office because he was upset he hadn't gotten his welfare payments.
Sounds like a match!