Friday, April 09, 2004

Some Down-Under Humor

Tim Blair discovers a new source of laser-like discernment
The dizzy female host on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program just announced: “The situation in Iraq is getting worse -- so is it time to send in the UN?”
He then astounds with Blog TV:
Tonight: ABC’s Mondo Thingo explains bloggers. Or interviews several of them, anyway, including me. As I said during taping: "Footage of people using computers -- it'll be a ratings bonanza!"

Meanwhile, Professor Bunyip has been hors de combat - blogwise that is:
A word of apology and explanation to the many friends of the Billabong who have inquired about the Professor’s health: There is no need for concern, as it is a sense of duty – inspired by this story – that has kept a dutiful Bunyip from his keyboard. If Britain’s Musselmen find a statue of a boar intolerable, how long must it be before the forces of multiculturalism turn on Sydney’s very own copy of the same handsome porker? So rather than posts, it has been sentry duty – tireless circuits of Macquarie Street, with a sharp eye peeled for the intolerant forces of tolerance that would make bacon of bronze.

Protect the Pig! That’s the Billabong’s war cry – and as with so many other selfless deeds, the pay-off has been unexpected. Since the Professor has been standing his solitary guard, there has been no time to become involved in something of a family crisis roiling Mrs. Bunyip’s side of the clan.

Limited blogging will now resume, the pace gathering as in-laws’ Mediterranean passions cool and various injured parties limp home from the causualty ward.
Our thanks to the Professor for his stalwart service. And don't anyone mention the Boarcam!