Thursday, April 08, 2004

"Liberal Radio Talks, Nobody Listens"

Byron York at NRO:
As the new liberal talk-radio network finishes its first week in operation, industry insiders say the most impressive thing about the effort is not its performance — that has gotten mixed-to-negative reviews — but the fact that the network, Air America, has received such extensive press coverage relative to the tiny size of its audience.
Gee, I can't think why a leftoid operation would get all sorts of media coverage, can you? Terpsboy has the pictorial details.

My favorite moment :
Things turned ugly on the new liberal talk radio network, "Air America," Wednesday night, with guest Ralph Nader blasting the Democratic Party's counterweight to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly as "Hot Air America."

Nader got into an on-air tussle with "Air America" host Randi Rhodes, during which Rhodes repeatedly informed him she was "pissed" that he was running for president, complaining that he had "screwed up the last election."

The perennial candidate said the fact that Democrats couldn't hang onto what he described as their presidential victory was the party's own fault.

And for good measure, Nader blasted ex-President Clinton as a "draft-dodger."

It was all downhill from there, as Nader and Rhodes screamed at one another for the next 10 minutes.
My suspicion is that one of the outer circles of Hell is populated by Randi Rhodes screaming in her New Joisey accent. Ralphie got a premonition of his fate.