Sunday, April 04, 2004

Just be Kos

In the continuing Markos Zuniga story, the Daily Kos web site is now showing just a blank page. With the room temperature IQ loons that inhabit the place having nothing to do, they are over at Fried Man trashing Roger for chilling dissent by suggesting to ole Markos' advertisers that just maybe they don't want to be associated with the little freak. Someone point 'em to the clue phone.

Meanwhile, LGF has some more details - Kerry's Site Delinks Daily Kos:
John Kerry's campaign site has removed their link to Daily Kos
Markos Zuniga has now officially become radioactive.

"Bring it on," said Markos.

UPDATE: Kerry's minions are not happy about this decision.

UPDATE: And meanwhile, Kerry's site still has a link to Democratic Underground, a loathsome loony left site with a level of sheer malevolence that makes Zuniga's comments look like pure patriotism.
I was wondering about that too.

More from LGF here and here.

UPDATE: That'll teach me to spend my Saturday working in the lower 40. I missed ole Kos trying to make light of the situation, but Jeff at Protein Wisdom fills us in - Kos we're still having fun, and you're still the one...
More "contrition" from the Prince of Pud:
So I said something pretty stupid last week. I served up the wingnuts a big, juicy softball. They went into a tizzy, led by Instapundit.

And for a while, I was actually pretty worried.

But the final tally was -- about 30 hate-filled emails, about 15,000 hate-filled visitors, and the pulling of three advertising spots that are going to be replaced in less than a week.
...Well, that and the 4 charred, mutilated Americans hung from a suspension bridge whose memory you all but pissed on. Don't forget to add them to your "final tally," bitch.

The Daily Kos: if it doesn't affect my bottom line, screw 'em.
Ole Markos really is a nice little piece of work, isn't he?

Jeff also reveals the reaction from Kos' butt buddy, Atrios:
So, Garofalo's new web mascot decided he'd better comment on the whole Kos dustup after all -- not directly, mind you (there's advertising revenue to consider here), but rather in that glancing, elliptical way favored by smug wannabe-hipsters drunk on their own preening irony. Unfortunately for him, the dainty slap he takes barely leaves a mark -- and even his most rabid readers practically ignored it, skipping past in a race to hear themselves froth and screech.
More by following the link.

UPDATE 2: More from Instapundit, Michele, and Roger Simon. Warning: the Flying Monkeys are really really pissed and are infesting any available comments section.