Thursday, April 08, 2004

I thought the full moon was over?

Fruitbat Kathryn Cramer has her panties in a knot because ... no, that would take too long. Basically, she used her crack investigative skills to try to smear one of the murdered and mutilated contractors at Falluhjah, Michael Teague, by connecting him to a white supremacist. The only connection: they have the same name. Charles Johnson over at LGF called her on it and now she really has the vapors. She's abetted by her flying monkeys who have posted the personal details of a Charles Johnson in LA. The only connection: they have the same name. The problem is that in neither case are they the same person. They're crack investigators fer sure!

I'd suggest ole Kathyrn pick up the clue phone but it appears that she's afraid of mind control satellites or some such. Finally, Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing weighs in to protect his little pal from attack. I guess it's a foul attack to suggest that an "investigation" should involve a tad more than finding matching names on Google. But then Boing Boing hasn't been cool since it stopped coming out on dead trees. If then.

And speaking of the vapors, Anal Marie Cox (aka Wonkette) is imploding at a furious rate. Now she's into running contests on "Who's a Homo". Hmm, that doesn't sound real trendy and diverse. Over to Ace of Spades HQ for the details:
And remember-- none of this is actually homophobic or hateful! How can you tell?! Because we always end every sentence with an exclamation point! Sometimes several!!! Exclamation points = harmless cheeky snarking!!!
As I have observed previously, Anal Marie sucks! A lot!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, to help out the bumptious pissant, Ace is having two contests of his own:
Male Nominees: Liberal Men Who Just Might Know the Names of Both of the Pet Shop Boys

Female Nominees: Liberal Women Who Just Might Have an Intuitive Understanding of Basic Carpentry

(Remember-- don't say "Oliver Willis." )