Wednesday, April 07, 2004

"Hand over that lunch box, kid!"

Honey, I blew up the kids!
Kids in the U.K. have government looking over their shoulders – not to see if they're selling drugs, bringing weapons to school, or sticking snakes in their teachers' desks. No, at select schools in Plymouth, government officials are examining kids' lunchboxes to make sure the little moppets are munching the right morsels.
"We need to make sure that whatever children are eating at lunchtime is nutritionally balanced, whether that's school meals or from home," said one health official. "If they're having wholemeal bread with salad, fruit and perhaps water, not sugary drinks, that would be fine, but if it's lots of crisps and chocolate, no fruit and white bread with ham, that's different."
Hmm, I wonder if they're going to try body cavity searches to make sure none of the tykes is hiding a Twinkie?

There's lots more on the obesity wars by following the link, but my favorite is:
This serves the interests of obesity pimps like Yale's Kelly Brownell quite well. In his new book, "Food Fight," he claims we live in a "toxic" food environment. "Unhealthy food is cheap. It is also convenient, fast, packaged attractively and tasty," he says. Meanwhile, "Healthy foods are more difficult to get, less convenient and expensive ... [A]n epidemic of obesity is exactly what you'd predict."
If you check the article's snapshot of ole Kelly, you'll note that apparently he's no stranger to Krispy Kremes.