Friday, April 02, 2004

Can you say pond scum?

Ryne McLaren provides Mr. Death Fetish: An Update:
Scumbag Markos "Kos" Zuniga is reaping the exact whirlwind he deserves for his outrageous and hideous comments about the dead American security guards in Fallujah the other day.

Blogger Hugh Farrish responds to Kos, and wonders aloud (ablog?) if maybe the Democratic political candidates who advertise on DailyKos wouldn't be interested in Zuniga's death fetish.

And here's blogger Michael Friedman, who is also contacting Zuniga's political advertisers: Joe Donnelly, Jane Mitakides, Martin Frost (who has already severed ties with Kos) and Joe Hoeffel.

Michael also has a screen capture of the original Kos post, just in case.
Always a wise precaution when dealing with the sleazoids. Drop on by Michael Friedman's place and help the politicians make the right choice.