Thursday, April 01, 2004

Being a billionaire wingnut is a tough job, I guess

President Bush's campaign yesterday accused John Kerry of illegally coordinating political ads with anti-Bush groups and donors - including billionaire George Soros.

Team Bush and the Republican National Committee said they would soon file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing Kerry and pro-Kerry groups of violating a campaign law that bans the use of "soft money" - corporate, union and unlimited individual donations - to influence federal elections.

The complaint names two groups, and the Media Fund, that have been running ads criticizing Bush in several battleground states.
All you have to do is read their mailings to know they're Democrat front groups.
In Ukraine yesterday, Soros - who has said ousting Bush is the "central focus" of his life - ran into political problems of a different kind when a group of activists threw mayonnaise on him at a human rights conference to protest his visit.
"Central focus" of his life? Blofeld needs a check up from the neck up. But then we knew that. As for the mayo, with that and Soros you're most of the way to a turkey club sandwich!

But actually, he looks more like he was attacked by pigeons.
The Hungarian-born financier arrived in the former Soviet state earlier this week amid negative publicity which he and some opposition leaders said had been engineered by President Leonid Kuchma's administration to discredit him.

The Bratstvo (Brotherhood) party, well-known for frequent protests against Kiev's mayor and for graffiti across the capital, said it was responsible for soiling Soros.

The party accused the billionaire of trying to prompt a Ukrainian revolution similar to that which toppled Georgia's former president Eduard Shevardnadze last year.
That does sound familiar. Gee, I can't imagine anyone being upset with a wingnut billionaire who's trying to topple national governments.
"This is not just a one-off incident. Someone is behind it," local media quoted Soros as saying.
Yawn - Blofeld is always upset with James Bond.