Monday, March 29, 2004

Awww! Let's all help Spinning Dick!

Drudge reveals that Spinning Dick Clarke will be hauling down over a million bucks for his collection of fairy tales thanks to his enablers in the media and his relentless self-promotion. But heck, he needs the cash - Clarke: I Need 9/11 Book Cash to Fight White House Attacks
Best-selling 9/11 author Richard Clarke rebuffed critics on Sunday who urged him to donate all the proceeds from his best-selling book "Against All Enemies," saying he might need to keep the money to defend himself against Republican attacks "directed at my bank account."

While saying he "plans" to make "a substantial donation" to 9/11 victim families if book profits allow, Clarke told NBC's "Meet the Press," "The word is out in the White House to destroy me professionally."

"One line that somebody overheard is that he's not going to make another dime in Washington again in his life," Clarke explained.
You've got to admit that finding a gig for an incompetent, self-important bureaucrat with an array of shifting stories that he delivers under oath would seem rather difficult. Especially since he seems to have an exceedingly annoying personality.

But I've got just the thing to put a little cash in his pocket - endorsements! Here's one to get ya started, Dick!

Richard Clarke celebrity endorsement