Sunday, February 08, 2004


(Via Jeff Jarvis) I was rather skeptical about the compensation arrangements for Deano's campaign manager, Joe Trippi. Now everyone is - Dean paid $7.2 million to aide's company:
As Howard Dean's presidential campaign tore through the millions it raised last year, nearly a quarter of it went to the company owned in part by his former campaign manager.

The campaign paid $7.2 million to Trippi, McMahon and Squier, the Virginia-based consulting and media firm - 23 percent of the $31 million it spent through Dec. 31, according to PoliticalMoneyLine, which tracks political spending.

Joe Trippi, one of the company's partners, was Dean's campaign manager for a year - until he was ousted last month and replaced by Roy Neel as chief executive. Dean asked Trippi to stay with the campaign as an adviser, but Trippi quit.

Instead of a salary, Trippi's company had been paid a commission of the campaign's television advertising buys - a percentage he and his company's partners said he never knew.

"I didn't want to know. I didn't do this for the money," Trippi said. "I was interested in beating [President] Bush. I was interested in building a campaign that could get Howard Dean in position. I'm proud of what I did. Anyone who knows me knows my personal money was never, ever on my mind, and it was nothing that motivated me."
Hey, I don't know how your wallet ended up in my pocket! But I never suspect malice when incompetence will do, and despite the vaunted "Internet campaign," Deano's forces don't seem to be able to find their butts without roadmaps.