Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Oh, no! Not the three wiseguys!

A 'magi' makeover for Three Wise Men
Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar may give way to Gail, Melanie and Barbara at least in the Church of England.

Church officials yesterday agreed to drop the term "Three Wise Men" from a newly approved prayer book because there's no proof the trio of visitors to the infant Jesus were male or even learned.

"Magi" is now the word of choice.

"The possibility that one or more of the magi were female cannot be excluded completely," said a governing committee that has tweaked 68 other prayers included in the revised book of worship. The committee retained 'magi' on the grounds that the visitors were not necessarily wise, and not necessarily men."
They sure nipped that one in the bud! It could have been a motorcycle gang for all we know! Or maybe a "camel gang."
The decision gave rise to much merriment yesterday in British newspapers and television broadcasts.

"Magi may have been queens," noted Sky News.

"The Three Fairly Sagacious Persons," headlined the Daily Telegraph.
It's great to know that the Church of England is keeping busy.