Monday, February 09, 2004

Kumbaya with Lurch in the Tehran Times

John Kerry - the mullah's pal

Kerry Says He Will Repair Damage If He Wins Election
WASHINGTON (Mehr News Agency) -- The office of Senator John Kerry, the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary in the U.S., sent the Mehr News Agency an e-email saying that Kerry will try to repair the damage done by the incumbent president if he wins the election. The text of the e-mail follows.

As Americans who have lived and worked extensively overseas, we have personally witnessed the high regard with which people around the world have historically viewed the United States. Sadly, we are also painfully aware of how the actions and the attitudes demonstrated by the U.S. government over the past three years have threatened the goodwill earned by presidents of both parties over many decades and put many of our international relationships at risk.

It is in the urgent interests of the people of the United States to restore our country's credibility in the eyes of the world. America needs the kind of leadership that will repair alliances with countries on every continent that have been so damaged in the past few years, as well as build new friendships and overcome tensions with others.
To continue the eructations, follow the link. More hot news from the Mehr News Agency includes Govt. Mulling Plan to Ration Gasoline, Iranian Nation to Celebrate Victory of Revolution, and Iran, Venezuela Voice Joy Over Cooperation. Kind of like Pravda 30 years ago except with turbans.