Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"Bill Clinton had me run for President and all I got was this lousy cigar!"

Deranged pond scum Weasley Clark

The Bozo from Burpelson decided to call it quits.
Still, the decision to quit was hard for a candidate described by aides as competitive and reluctant to admit defeat.
And whose precious bodily fluids were endangered.
Aides said Clark would remain active in the campaign by stumping for Democrats in the South and other swing states and serving as an adviser on national security issues.
Apparently Weasley doesn't need to work for a living.
New to politics, Clark may still have a future. At 59, he is young enough for another race and, with his military experience, he might fit on a wartime Democratic ticket.
I get it. He's job hunting!

He probably won't even notice himself deflating as the Clintonoid sock puppets in his campaign head elsewhere. How's the cigar taste, Weasley?