Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Today's Hoot: Help out the jihadi apologists at #AlJazeeraAmericaTVShows

Lots of laughs on Twitter as folks help out the new Al Jazeera cable channel with show ideas like:

Wheel of Terrorism
Keeping up with the Khomeinis
Sponge Bomb Square Pants
Little House On The Pyramid
Hot In Abbottabad
My Favorite Mullah
Dancing With The Scimitars
"Sheik and The City"
How I Stoned Your Mother
How I Beat Your Mother
America's Top Terrorist
Candid Camel
Family's tied up
Once upon a time bomb
The Big Bang
The Young and the Headless
Sharia Law and Order
Honey Bomb Bomb
Married to Children
Pakistan's Funniest Suicide Bombing Videos
Different Strikes
As The World Burns
Last Imam Standing
Laverne & Sharia
3rd Rock Thrown
Dora the Exploder
Sabrina the Teenage Infidel
America's Next Top Terrorist
Pimp My Camel
Welcome Back Martyr
So You Think You Can Pray
Curb Your Enlightenment
Really Really Really Mad Men
Beat the Press
My Favorite Martyr
3rd Rock from the Sunni
The Love Goat
Queer Eye for the Straight Jihadi

 Hat tip: Free Republic.