Friday, September 14, 2012

The blood of the dead Americans in Libya is on Obama's hands

Cheri Jacobus: Speak softly and carry a big 9-iron


We now know that while President Obama was campaigning in Norfolk, Va., on Sept. 4, and was mugging for the cameras and getting lifted off the ground in a bear hug on the campaign trail in California on Sept. 9 — the dates both warnings came — he was also skipping at least six of his daily security briefings (now claiming to have read them, but declining in-person, face-to-face briefings), and did not even inform Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and other officials of the threat or put them on high alert in any way, shape or form.

Stevens and several of his colleagues are dead as a result.


We also now know that Obama’s hand-picked ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, might be responsible for the reprehensible instruction to leave U.S. Embassy security unarmed in one of the most dangerous places on Earth, on the anniversary of the deadliest attack on the United States of America since Pearl Harbor. We do not know if President Obama was aware, or if he was aware but simply didn’t care or understand how dangerous this move was, not only to our embassies, but to all of us, as we see from today’s unfolding global attacks on the United States.


Stevens and his colleagues were sitting ducks, due to Obama’s inexcusable failures. Now Americans are out-and-out targets for assassins and terrorist attacks worldwide.

The mainstream media has bent over backward to protect President Obama and promote him for his reelection. But the stakes are much higher now than any of us dreamed possible mere days ago. We need a competent president but don’t have one. Can we at least, please, have competent journalism as our last defense?

Lots of luck with that last wish. When BO breaks wind the MSM's cheeks puff up.