Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today's Hoot: Meet the 1%

Exurban League alerts us to the inconvenient truth that the "I Am The 99 Percent" crowd refuses to face:


The Democrats love to claim that the Republicans are the party of Big Business, but whatever the truth in the past, those days are long gone. Nowadays the Democrats regularly haul in truckloads of cash from Big Business, dish out taxpayer money to their wealthy business backers (Solyndra anyone?),  find sinecures for their leading lights on the boards of large corporations (how about Chelsea Clinton's new gig?), and fill the ranks of the GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises) with thieving politicos of the worst stripe like Franklin Raines and James Johnson. Meanwhile the Republicans have become the party of the small businessman, the self-employed, and the long-suffering middle class. Don't hold your breath waiting to hear that from the wannabe members of the Democrat ruling class in the Lamestream Media though.