Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ned Lamont is still an airbrain

Remember goofy Ned Lamont, the sock puppet of Markos "Mickey" Moulitsas and Jane "Hamster" Hamsher? Well, the butt kicking that Joe Lieberman gave him apparently hasn't increased ole Ned Lamont's IQ:

It amuses me that millionaire Ned Lamont wants "the option" of opting in to discount welfare reduced-benefits Sub-Medicare. I'm sure he'll be the first on the sign-up sheet.

In related news, Ned Lamont also wants to opt-in to government housing. Some of those joints have sweeet concrete balconies. And the stairwells will give him plenty of room for his illegal pit-bull-breeding business.

Ned Lamont fever: Catch it!

Must be like the swine flu.