Monday, January 26, 2009

Barack Obama's website gives fans a Trojan

I had to laugh when I read that Barack Obama's website was giving users a Trojan. Er, hold on a sec - it's only skanky Nancy Pelosi that believes that birth control will help the economy. This is a Trojan Horse of the personal computer variety:
Websense Security Labs™ ThreatSeeker™ Network has detected that malicious hackers have registered multiple bogus user accounts on (an online community for citizens to rally behind President Obama), in order to spread malicious code around the Web. A social-networking account empowers the user with tools to join groups, raise funds, and even create his or her own blog. The option to create your own blog is a common feature provided by most of the popular Web 2.0 social sites today, driven by user-generated content.

In the Obama campaign, malicious hackers created blogs on with a fake YouTube image, enticing visitors to "Click here to see movie".
The good news is that the movie is a porn video which certainly embodies the Democrat party agenda for America, but the bad news is that in order to view the hot steaming action the faithful are asked to download a codec which unsurprisingly is a trojan horse program that infects their PC's much like Barack Obama mythology has infected their tiny brains. 

There's more good news though - the crooks have been spamming every website they can find with links to to increase their haul which also increases the site's Google rank much to Mr. Obama's pleasure I'm sure. Golly - I thought all the Obama Web spamming was just Obama's handlers trying to increase their haul from anonymous and illegal foreign donors.