Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barack Obama the ventriloquist dummy

Barack Obama's supporters are still smarting from his inability to complete whole sentences at the Saddleback "debate." I guess they haven't figured out yet that the dummy doesn't work too well without the ventriloquist:

According to several Democrat political consultants presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama spent part of his Hawaiian vacation working on weaning himself from a heavy dependence on teleprompters. Even in what are staged as "town hall" events for Obama, remarks are scripted or formatted into bullet points that scroll on teleprompter screens. Obama has had several embarrassing events where the teleprompter either malfunctioned or the screens were not fully visible.

"He just locks down and can't get the words out," says one political consultant. "For such a fine speaker, it's really quite remarkable that he's had issues."
I guess they are too young to remember that was also true of Charlie McCarthy when Edgar Bergen wasn't around.
Obama's troubles with unscripted moments contributed to his campaign's refusal to participate in town hall format debates or discussions with Sen. John McCain, who feels much more comfortable in the unscripted moments.
Maybe ole Barack should just retire to his mansion and wait for his coronation.