Monday, August 18, 2008

Barack Obama picks Michael Jackson as running mate!

Barack chooses Michael Jackson for VP

Barack Obama has sent his supporters an email saying he will announce his VP pick tomorrow, but sources tell The Country Store that Barack is planning to stun the nation by picking pop star Michael Jackson as his running mate! Here's a snip from the draft press release:

Barack Obama today chose Michael Jackson as his Vice Presidential running mate in an "outside the box" choice that answers the nation's burning cry for Hope and Change. Mr. Obama said, "Besides being the greatest pop star of the century, Michael Jackson is an advocate for diversity and the rights of children. I welcome his warmth and his strength to my ticket of Hope and Change!"

Mr. Jackson commented, " I'm believe so much in Barack's movement for Hope and Change that I have agreed to leave my special young friends in the care of a nanny and venture out on the campaign trail. I have always said that I can learn everything I want from a young boy, and I promise to bring that philosophy to the campaign and to the office of Vice President. Barry and I call our joint program the Peter Pan Platform and my job is to be Tinker Bell!"
Gosh, Osama bin Laden must have filled his dance card!