Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gosh, Weasley Clark is back and Barack Obama has him!

General Wesley Clark

Since he isn't running for President this time around, we haven't seen too much of former General Wesley "Weasley" Clark, probably the worst general in modern American history. I've kind of missed Wesley's delusional rantings like "President Bush was warned ahead of time about 9/11" and "does not want to find Osama bin Laden," not to mention the Vast Republican Conspiracy against him, but I'd assumed he was comfortably tucked away in some sinecure by folks who wanted the prestige of employing a former general and weren't too particular about hiring someone who got fired as NATO commander and was a few fries short of a Happy Meal.


It turns out that Weasley is being employed by none other than Barack Obama as a "military affairs" surrogate since Obama can't tell his rifle from his gun and apparently endorses Wesley's bizarre views. Clark appeared in that role this morning on Face the Nation, where he mostly demeaned John McCain's military service. It isn't clear how that improved the Obamessiah's non-existent credentials, but then as John Hawkins observes:
Of all the "ex-generals" floating around out there, perhaps the most odious is Wesley Clark.
I wonder if Barack has a cabinet position all lined up for this wingnut?