Monday, April 14, 2008

More reason to be bitter, fellow hicks

If we weren't bitter hicks with all that tacky guns, God and patriotism baggage, we would be courted by the Democrat party bigs like this - Party Girl: Chelsea Clinton Cuts Loose With 2,000 Gay Men in Red Dresses
Yes, Chelsea Clinton made it to the infamous "Red Dress" Party.

Not to be confused with that other annual "Red Dress" fundraiser, this is the "Red Dress Party," a mondo-alcohol-fueled dance party where nearly 2,000 gay men in various states of red dress undress (and several nearly naked straight men as well as one very colorfully decorated naked woman) invade a warehouse in Northeast Portland and dance their collective asses off to pounding disco music and the incredible Storm Large and her Balls (they were beyond fabulous). Large, a bigtime Obama supporter even dedicated one of her more infamous songs, Ladylike, to Chelsea's mama.
Unfortunately, Chelsea was only there for a photo-op and did not engage Ms. Large in fisticuffs, mud wrestling, or competition disrobing. And in case you were wondering, yes, the Clintons do pimp Chelsea out.