Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I never heard of these folks before

Admittedly, the story is from the UK, but still - Katie Price and Peter Andre: the greatest album ever?
It's official: the debut album by highly-talented popsters Katie Price and Peter Andre has been classified by Amazon reviewers as possibly the greatest album ever - a terrible shock to those of us ready to dismiss their musical talents and consign A Whole New World to the dustbin of musical history.

One breathless correspondent classifies the masterwork as "simply genius", while another is moved to admit that the songs are "so emotional, they make me go weak at the sphincter".
Sheesh, kind of like the Mainstream Media and Barack Obama. But wait, there's more!
I have only one complaint about this meisterwerk. The Price. It's far too low. Were there to be but one copy remaining in the world, and had my own copy been mysteriously burned in a catastrophic fire in which I had been unable to risk my life rescuing it, I would gladly sell my children into slavery to buy that last remaining disc.
Somewhere the clue phone is ringing, but no one is picking up.