Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today's Hoot!

BP's green gimmicks:
BP has spent the past few years trying to convince consumers that it has no real interest in producing oil. Now we learn to our dismay that the company may have been telling the truth. It has so little interest in producing oil that it permitted its pipelines in Prudhoe Bay to corrode to the point that they must be replaced, a fact that is driving oil prices through the roof.
BP's slogan, incredibly, is "beyond petroleum." And its ads mostly tout its expenditures on alternative energy, salute hand-wringing green rhetoric from what it calls "real people" and trumpet natural gas "as cleaner than coal or oil."
Here's an idea, BP: Spare us the warm and fuzzy sloganeering, stop acting as if you're ashamed of what you do - the diffidence is nauseating - and get back to the basics of business. Be an energy company proud to produce oil in Prudhoe Bay - and then do it without spills or corroded pipes.
Heck, if their oil business in Prudhoe Bay offends them so much maybe they ought to give it away.