Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bill Johnson notices that the emperor is starkers

Karr may be crazy, but he's not the right man:
I've had enough. So I will just come right out and say what others in this business apparently will not:

Mary Lacy, that's not your boy.

John Mark Karr as much killed JonBenet Ramsey as Mickey Mouse did. This is a fool's errand you're on, and it won't end pretty.
What I'm saying is no different than anyone capable of reading a newspaper or watching a television is saying.
Most journalists in this town and across the globe have been falling over themselves trying not to - in the words of Mrs. Lacy - "rush to judgment" on this fool, all the while rupturing an intestine to keep from laughing.

Not me. I can barely get up off the floor.
I think it's neat the way Karr looks and acts like Ned Lamont without a suntan.