Sunday, June 18, 2006

Beam me up, Scotty!

News of the Weird provides ample reasons for a hasty beam-up in The Continuing Campaign to Make Everything Perfect:
(1) The principal of Liberty Elementary School in Colleyville, Texas, authorized an enlarged photo of a nickel on this year's yearbook cover, but with "In God We Trust" deleted so as not to cause offense -- but then handed out stickers with those four words so that students could place them on the cover photo if they wished.

(2) A British government agency recently decided to spend the equivalent of $33 million over 10 years to encourage women and minorities to become fishermen (or fisherwomen) because too many anglers are white, male and middle-aged; a Welsh pilot project, for example, teaches Muslim women and children to fish for trout.
No word if they gave the latter group lessons on how to drink beer or use pork baits.