Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yet another gadget I didn't know I needed

Miller beer to be first to use (Cold Can) Technology:
The beer can is in for a technology makeover that will shake-up the beverage industry, and it’s being brought to you by a company called Tempra Technology, which has ambitious plans for their cold can technology.

The specially modified cans use proprietary engineering to create a temperature drop that will reduce the I.C. Can contents by a minimum of 30° Fahrenheit in just three minutes.
I guess you don't keep 'em in the fridge or you'll have a brick when you pop the top. Follow the link for technology details, but as for who's going to buy them:
The average American drinks 22 Gallons of beer annually, and even though this product would demand a large price premium over a traditional can, the convenience factor and bragging rights would make this a must have item. Camping and fishing will drive the initial sales, and as volumes increase more and more uses will be found.

Expect the first cans to show up on store shelves in mid-2007.
I've been fishing for a passle of years and somehow I have managed to survive without a self-cooling beer can. On the other hand, showing your beer buddies the trick ought to be amusing. Once. After that, the fact that half the can is taken up with the mechanism will undoubtedly make it grow old fast.