Friday, April 28, 2006

Doing the jobs no one else will do

Mexico set to join space race:
Flying Burrito Brothers

Mexican lawmakers are in the process of setting up a national space agency, according to Reuters. The lower house in Mexico City has given the green light to a proposal that could see rocketry in development within the year.
Must be some spare change south of the border.
The initial outlay would be just $2m, about enough for an inflatable globe and a bottle rocket, but it's a start. The early days of the agency will concentrate on developing technology and working with universities and industry on satellite launches.

Not everyone's keen on the idea. Ruling group the National Action Party voted against the move, saying the cash would be better spent on trying to tackle widespread poverty.
Explain to 'em how they could use rockets to deliver illegal aliens over the border and they'll come around.