Thursday, March 16, 2006

This is why Al Gore invented the Internet!

Celebs tremble as stalkerQuest takes off:
New York celebrities are quaking in their collective Ugg boots at the launch of gossip mongers's new Gawker Stalker site.

The site allows Manhattan star spotters to instantly post up the location and description of their targets on a Google steet map, according to the Daily Mail's foreign service. Critics are concerned that the precious stars might be mobbed everywhere they go. Unlikely-dubbed star agent Ken Sunshine, whose clients include Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, fumed that the Gawker site is "outrageous".
Well, no one loves celebs more than I do, so I had to check it out immediately at Sheesh, who are these people anyhow?
Saw James Iha weds night at 2A around 1 AM...i see him pretty often but i want to take this opportunity to say what the F*** is he doing with his hair? It's like a giant orange blond pompadour helmet. It's eating his head.

I'm afraid I'll have to stick with low tech gossip:
My mother in law went to Patsy’s on 56th last night. Sitting a few tables down was Liza Minnelli and her entourage of queens. The meal progressed without incident, until the dessert course, whereupon Liza got up, and, clutching a fork in her hand, went right up to the dessert cart and stood there and began sampling from the tiramisu, the cheesecake, and so on. Oy.
They probably had to sterilize the whole cart afterward to protect patrons from social diseases. Speaking of which:
Spotted Anderson Cooper at dinner tonight at Le Tableau, excellent French Bistro in Alphabet City. First walked in and sat down with obviously gay mulatto dude, then two handsome, hipster flaming white dudes joined them minutes later. The table nearly engulfed in flames.
Say hello to the anchorman of the future.