Monday, March 13, 2006

Let's not go there, OK?

I have approximately zero interest in Craigslist, the Internet classified ad service, for a variety of reasons. However, its hippy dippy San Francisco founder, Craig Newmark, is always good for a few laughs. A case in point is Craig's keynote today at a conference as reported in the Valleywag:
"There was a conflict about people abusing the Casual Encounters section, and the upside was that I got to use the term 'randy' in its proper context."
"We have a lot of stats, and we can look at the numbers in, say, Casual Encounters [Craigslist's hookup section]. Casually looking at them, we can say...people everywhere have the same interests."
"People were posting scatalogoical (sic) fetishist obsessions about Hillary Clinton and -- ugh -- Theresa Heinz-Kerry. And these were disturbing fetishes, even for San Francisco."
Dang, that's scary!