Thursday, March 09, 2006

Free at last. Almost.

Political bloggers may get federal protection:
Bloggers would be largely immunized from hundreds of pages of confusing federal regulations dealing with election laws, according to a bill approved by a House of Representatives panel on Thursday.

Democrats had blocked an earlier effort last November to enact the legislation, which would amend federal campaign finance laws to give Internet publishers many of the same freedoms that newspapers and magazines currently enjoy.

"We don't expect bloggers to check with a federal agency before they go online," said House Administration Committee Chairman Vernon Ehlers, a Michigan Republican, referring to the Federal Election Commission. "They shouldn't have to read FEC advisory opinions (or have) to worry about running afoul of federal election laws."
No word though on why ordinary citizens also don't have the "same freedoms as newspapers and magazines." I must have missed the part of the Consitution where publishers were set aside as a special class of citizen. As for the Donks and their buddies in the MSM who are against this, they are beneath contempt.