Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Associated Press gets a new logo!

New Associated Press logo reflecting their dedication to publishing BS

It sure fits in well with their journalistic standards, that's fer sure. First, they make up a bogus story attacking President Bush and then they sneak out a correction late on Friday:
So on a Friday night, the AP finally decides to issue this half-hearted retraction -- after its clients have run what turned out to be an entirely false story for most of the week. The AP has, over time, drifted from its initial mission to report news and instead has embraced partisan cheapshotting.
Much as I love to pick on the MSM, Powerline notes that not all are lying left wing shills:
Stephen Waters is the publisher of the Rome (NY) Sentinel. He writes this morning:
FYI, perhaps one reason that AP printed a clarification is that AP newspaper members like our newspaper hound our state bureau chiefs with emails like this: "Who's running AP and what are they trying to do with the brand? [provides link to John's post criticizing the AP's story on the Katrina video] It's really bad when Popular Mechanics is a more authoritative source than AP."
But there are still plenty who are apparently honors graduates of the Dan Rather Famous Journalists School. In fact, one of the authors of the AP article, Margaret Ebrahim, was apparently one of Captain Dan's producers on 60 Minutes II, just like everyone's favorite fabulist, Mary Mapes. "Fake, but accurate," eh, Maggie?

Oh and don't hold your breath that the MSM bigs are going to rush out corrections any time soon, as the Powerline reference amply indicates.