Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hey, hey it's Hollyweird!

Alec Baldwin superstar
Fourth banana to a talking train

Actually that's unfair to Hollywood, since Alec Baldwin's wide load hasn't been seen there much lately. It seems that he's keeping busy plucking his magic twanger over at the Huffington Compost and providing amusement for all and sundry. Ace swats the pest:
Alec Baldwin wrote this post during a break from his frantic schedule of not starring in movies.

This guy's biggest gig is appearing on Saturday Night Live every five weeks. The producers love him, because they know he doesn't bring any of that "project to promote" baggage with him.

The young readers may not remember, but at one time Alec Baldwin was actually an action star with enough heat to actually be considered a suitable actor for the role of James Bond. He was a two-fisted Hollywood tough-guy, smacking around everyone who got in his way. But enough about his marriage to Kim Bassinger.
He's got a million of them.