Friday, February 24, 2006

Geeks Gone Wild!

Sample Femfox wallpaper for Firefox

Pulse are pounding in Geekdom due to the wallpaper being offered at Femfox in an unofficial advertising campaign supporting the Firefox browser. The one I have posted above is the Most Safe for Work (MSFW) - your mileage may vary. Backstory:
This project has been initiated by a 31 years-old woman who is the model of this campaign (see the "About us" section). Her primary wish was to create a novel and unusual promotional campaign for Firefox.

The plan to use glamorous content quickly stood up because this kind of promotion is very unusual (and even unrealistic) in software or technological product marketing activities. Indeed, an important part of the communication made around Firefox is only focused on technical features and benefits of using this software. Even if these points are clearly and simply explained to the audience, this can not attract a number of people.

This leads us to imagine a "human" campaign in which the technological aspects will be deliberately concealed for the benefit of the picture. This campaign should show scenes of life focused on human feelings and emotions in the aim to demonstrate that the software, before being a technological product, could be a part of everyone's everyday life.
"Everyday life" is apparently running about with very few clothes on. That would seem to me to either be drafty or make Firefox superfluous, but whatever - there's more text and pictures by following the links.