Saturday, January 21, 2006

I always wondered about that

Oraculations explains the current leftoid sewage backup in Hollywood:
I have been asking myself for more than a year why studio shareholders put up with the senseless expenditures of money for Left Wing movies most people will never go to see.
Well another Left godzillionaire, Ebay founder Jeff Skoll, is the guy with the deepest pockets in the movie making room. He and he alone financed North Country, Syriana, American Gun (a hate guns rant), and Good Night and Good Luck, all movies that have lost their asses in spite of Left Wing reviewers praising them to the skies. Skoll conducts his funding through his Participant Productions, which has this mantra on the main web page:
We hope our films will raise awareness about important social issues, educating audiences and inspiring them to take action.
Careful when checking out their web site - spewage on the keyboard could result. It's cool that Comrade Skoll has a hobby - I guess it's more fun than just dumping greenbacks in the outhouse.