Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Shove it, Louise


It's quite the day for rectal insertions at the United Nations. Besides their usual cranial rectal insertions, of course. From The Copenhagen Post - Prophet cartoons worry UN commissioner:
Daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten's twelve cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed are causing ripples across the world and worries at the Office of the United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour.

National daily Berlingske Tidende reported on Wednesday that Arbour had written a letter to the Organisation of Islamic Conferences (OIC), an international organisation of 56 Muslim states, which had complained over the cartoons.

In September, Jyllands-Posten called for and printed the cartoons by various Danish illustrators, after reports that artists were refusing to illustrate works about Islam, out of fear of fundamendalist retribution. The newspaper said it printed the cartoons as a test of whether Muslim fundamentalists had begun affecting the freedom of expression in Denmark.
I guess we know the answer to that one.
Muslims in Denmark and abroad have protested against the newspaper, calling the caricatures blasphemous and a deliberate attempt to provoke and insult their religious sensitivities.
Is that the world's tiniest violin I hear playing?
Arbour said she understood their concerns.
I'll bet she's real sensitive.
Berlingske Tidende reported that it held a copy of the letter, which stated that Arbour had appointed t(w)o UN experts in the areas of religious freedom and racism to investigate the matter.

'I'm confident that they will take action in an adequate manner,' Arbour said in her letter to the 56 governments, which have requested the UN to address the issue with Denmark.
United Nations action? There's an oxymoron. You think she was just conning the rubes or is she delusional?
Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he was aware of the letter, but had no comments about it. He has previously refused to meet with the ambassadors of some of the Muslim countries who wanted to discuss the cartoons, saying he had no power over the national media's actions.
Way to go, Anders! All the Christians, Hindus, and Jews being butchered by fundamentalist Islamic nutjobs and she's going to investigate cartoons. Well, I'll do my bit to keep Louise employed - I've got one of the cartoons at the top of this post with an added caption so there won't be any confusion. Hat tip for the story to Newspaperindex which has them all posted.